What You Can Expect

To accept you just as you are, where you are – today!

Not to be “religious” but teach you about a relationship with Jesus Christ.

To present challenging, relevant and timely messages that puts the focus on Christ and what He can do through us for a hurting world.

Not to come knocking on your door, but instead, we’d love to visit you when you ask. Your time is your time and we respect that.

Not to ask you for money at every turn. In fact, if you’re not a believer we don’t want you to give; we want you to receive Christ first. We’re not consumed with money and receive the tithes and offerings during the service, celebrated as a time of worship.

To only teach you Biblical Stewardship which is clear in Scripture (What the Bible says is vital; what you do with the Truth is up to you).

To provide uplifting worship to God – we worship to an audience of One.

To speak where the Bible speaks and to be silent where it is silent. We’ll stick to the Truth, you don’t need “opinions” – who does?

Please understand, we’re not Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, or (fill in the blank yourself); We’re Christians Only, but we’re not the only Christians.

If these promises make sense, GRACE may be the place for you!