Our Core Values

What are Core Values?

Core Values are the elements of GRACE that we try to display, live and promote each day as a church and followers of Jesus Christ. No church is ‘perfect’ but Core Values help guide us in right attitudes to help us be closer to the church Christ intended. We believe Core Values should exhibit our character and exist not only in the place where we worship, but in our everyday lives as well.

The Core Values of Grace Community Christian Fellowship are…


We believe there is such a thing as ‘absolute truth’ – but it does not come from human origin or reasoning. God has declared His Word as “Truth” and as such we have a responsibility to teach it that people might live in it.


We are called to Worship in Spirit and in Truth. Worship is more than the singing we do when we gather together each week (although that is part of the heart of the church) – it is a lifestyle involving God in every aspect of our lives.


We are called to develop Christ-centered leaders; men and women who lead by Christ’s example by displaying a servant’s heart; serving with purity, sincerity and humility.


We seek to involve ourselves in ministry that shows our very best. Excellence is not so much striving for ‘perfection’ as it is giving the very best of ourselves that we can. No one appreciates mediocrity. In all things we will seek to do our very best and in turn give God all the glory.


Faith requires vision. Faith requires courage. Faith requires the willingness to do what God has placed before us realizing that where He calls He also equips. Wonderful milestones in life take place where faith is evident.


Harmony is found where there is true unity. We will not avoid conflict but Biblically address it. We will seek to keep egos under control, be quick to forgive one another, show respect for both leaders and followers, to avoid controversy but Biblically confront divisiveness when necessary.


We will encourage the people of Grace to be involved in some level of ministry; from Greeters at the door to those who may wish to teach and everything in-between. Biblically, every Believer in Christ is a ‘minister’ and every Believer has been given a gift that is to be utilized in the fellowship to cause the Body of Christ to grow.


Christian fellowship satisfies our need for love. Fellowship can occur in our Sunday morning service but intimate fellowship occurs in smaller settings when we involve ourselves in a home group or other small group ministry. Fellowship is where we can build relationships that help us and allows us to help others.


We will teach Biblical stewardship. Stewardship involves not only our finances but our time, talent and resources. Understanding stewardship will radically transform people into living secure lives in Christ and achieving the true financial freedom that they seek.


Evangelism is the ambition to reach all people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is at the heart of why G.C.C.F. exists. We will be a people seeking to reach out locally in our community, as well as globally, involving ourselves in efforts that will help others come to know Christ as Lord.

Adapted from Bob Russell’s book “When God Builds a Church” and used with permission.