About Grace

GRACE is a non-denominational Christian church that began in a Burton home in November 2006. A short time later we began meeting at Van Y Elementary School (Feb. 2007 – Aug. 2008). We have been in our current location since September 2008. We’re easy to find – we’re right next to McDonalds!

It is our hope and trust that GRACE will be different from other churches. Ideally, GRACE is for those who have a desire to know about Jesus Christ, but might not feel comfortable a ‘traditional’ church. We are a ‘flock’ of people that desire to know Jesus. If you have never attended a church before, GRACE might just be the kind of place that draws you back! If you are the kind who has given up on “organized religion” – GRACE might be your kind of place too.

Jesus was authentic and His followers should be as well. Quite honestly, GRACE is filled with people who have struggled in life, so we know and can relate first hand to the various challenges this life has dealt out to people – but are overcoming through Christ!

When you come for a service the first time, you’re not a “visitor” – you are our “Guest”and we desire to be the gracious hosts God called us to be, making you feel that your time at GRACE was special.

We hope that you might be interested in fellowshipping with us on Sunday. Check out some of the messages and participate in opportunities to fellowship when offered. Come and spend some time with us and experience God’s grace 24/7.

Our Mission Statement

A Place to Love God, Love People, Serve in Community

Our Core Values

What We Believe

Grace Community Christian Fellowship Doctrinal Statement

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

It is our vision...

To be a growing church, sensitive to people seeking God, reaching out and accepting people where they are.

Vision Statement

It is our prayer...

To disciple believers by spiritually feeding them that they might grow to feed themselves, and then mature to feed others.

Vision Statement

It is our desire...

To be guided by the Holy Spirit, to participate in effective ministries in the local and global community – utilizing our gifts to grow the Body of Christ.